High Five for Friday!

It's high five for friday time! Here's how my week went:

1.This week I started watching Doctor Who because I adore British people (why? because I love Harry Potter!). I'm loving it...it's a really amazing show!

2.I had my best friend, Alexis, over for the night on Saturday. We had so much fun...and this one also ties into #3....

3. We watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off! I had never seen i,t but now I've watched it like 10 times this week! It's hilarious. :)

4. My aunt & I went to see Pink in concert last Friday night! Pink was amazing...such a great concert! My throat hurt for 3 days from screaming, but it was worth it. :)

5. My sister, Ashley, made red pepper hummus for me this week (because she knows how much I love it)! I can't stop eating it! And photo cred goes to her...I stole it from her post with the recipe. :) I can't stop eating it!

Happy Friday!!

xo, Rachel


Trend Talk: Colored Eyeliner.

Happy Wednesday!

This week is going by so quickly for me! I've been doing so much lately and this Friday I'm going to a Pink concert with my aunt...so excited! But enough of that, today I'm here to talk about a trend I'm really liking right now. That trend happens to be colored eyeliner!

When I say colored eyeliner, I don't just mean gold, black or brown eyeliner. I'm talking about bright blues, yellows, and greens! I saw this trend appear in a magazine I was reading about a month ago, and it caught my interest. I love to use bold, bright colors in my makeup because I really think sometimes a pop of color can just brighten up your entire face and give you that fresh look we all want. I think wearing a colored eyeliner is a very simple & fun way to add a lot of interest to your daily makeup!

I think the way I will be wearing colored eyeliner this year is by itself or possibly with a simple smokey eye. I am hoping to go out shopping to pick up some beauty essentials in a week or so and I will be stocking up on all different colors of eyeliners. I'm really hoping to see a lot of people wearing colored eyeliner this year! What are your thoughts on the trend? How will you be rocking the colored eyeliner this year? 

xo, Rachel


A Fancy Outfit Occasion.

In about a month & a half, I'm going on a trip to Washington D.C and New York City. In New York City, I'm going on a cruise around the Statue of Liberty, which is something that you have to dress up for. I absolutely love to dress up, and I figured what better excuse to get a whole new fancy outfit? So...


This is the dress I picked out from JCPenney. I really like it...it's so cute and girly! I really want to look fun but I also want to look sophisticated at the same time. This dress is knee length and it is belted at the waist. Honestly, I really don't wear dresses a lot at all-- I might wear one about three days out of the year. I really don't have that much fashion sense most of the time, but sometimes I just feel like I can come up with a really good pairing...like with this outfit!


These are the shoes I decided on. Aren't they just too cute? I really like these because my dress is pretty plain and mature but these shoes are totally different--so fun and colorful! I really wanted these shoes because it is the pop of color I need for my outfit. I just couldn't wait, so I went to Payless this weekend and bought them. They're amazing! They make my legs look so much longer. :)


This is a necklace I saw online at Glam Boutique, and I thought it would pair up nicely with the neckline on my dress. I like how the pattern almost looks like bubbles stuck together...it's so pretty!

So...that's my outfit decision for my NYC trip! What do you think? I am so excited to purchase the dress and necklace sometime this week...it's going to turn out great!

Happy Monday!

xo, Rachel


Something New: My Harry Potter Fix!

I don't know if you know this, but in addition to loving al things beauty and makeup, I am a huge Harry potter nerd! It is a huge part of my life that I just can't imagine life without! My sister, Ashley, stumbled across this Harry Potter related link-up earlier this week and let me know about it. It's the absolute perfect link-up for me! And so without further adieu...

1. If you could be any Harry Potter character, which one would you be, and why?
If I could be any Harry Potter character, I would want to be Luna Lovegood. Luna is just so curious and sweet looking. She is just someone that really does not care about how others feel about her because she just knows it's okay to be herself and I love that about her. I would want to be someone that is like that, someone who just really enjoys being human. (Side note: My aunt's nickname for me is actually Luna!)

2. Favorite single chapter in Harry Potter book?
My favorite chapter in a Harry Potter book is Fallen Warrior, chapter 5 in the Deathly Hallows book. I really like this chapter because it has so much emotion in it. As I read it, I was so sad, because George lost his ear, but I really liked that Fred was so concerned for his brother but was still able to look at the brighter side of things.

3What would your ideal class schedule at Hogwarts look like?
1. Transfiguration
2. Defense Against the Dark Arts
8. Care of Magical Creatures

So, that is it for now. I hope it wasn't too much Harry Potter overload for you! I'll be continuing to participate in this fabulous link-up, if not every week than at least every few weeks, but don't worry--there will be no shortage of beauty and make-up!     

xo, Rachel


My Top 4 (February)!

Happy Monday! Today, I'm talking about my top four favorite products for the month of February. I know we're not even half way through the month yet, but I'm really excited to tell you about these 4 products, and so I am! I can't believe I've never used any of them before.

1. BB Cream
Okay, so I know that as someone who loves makeup, I should have probably bought BB cream a long time ago, but honestly I never really thought I would like it. I have always used normal liquid foundation but foundation always feels really heavy on my face. So....I had heard about how wonderful BB cream is and I bought some last week. I was not sorry I bought it at all! It is fantastic, it is lightweight, and it has actually improved the condition of my skin, and it still covers everything a foundation would for me. Highly recommend it. :)

2. Gold liquid eyeliner
A while ago I bought a urban decay liquid eyeliner and I never really found use for it. I love the color gold but it is a very loud color especially metallic gold. Now, I have found that it works as a great highlighter for the inner corners of my eyes. It automatically illuminates my entire face and brings light into my eyes.

3. Bella Sugar Rose lip balm
A got this from Sephora  as a birthday gift a year ago. I don't really have much to say about this but it is really smooth and I love the tinted color it has. It also doesn't really ware off of my lips very quickly which I love. It is one of my favorite lip balms.

4. Ponds Wrinkle Serum
I don't have wrinkles yet (thankfully!), but I love using wrinkle serum! I bought this a few weeks ago and I already see a difference in my skin around my eyes. I would rather not have wrinkles later in life so I am preventing my future wrinkles!

That's it for February! :) I hope at least one of these products was interesting to you and I really recommend that you go out and purchase some of them! They really are fantastic!

xo, Rachel

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Currently Loving ...

Hey, it's Rachel!

I am back today after I think the longest two days of school I have ever had. Have you ever felt like something just drags on forever? Well, the past two days have been that times 10.

Anyway, I am here to talk about a trend for 2013 that I am really excited about. It's lace! Lace is something I have this big thing for; if I could wear it everyday, I would. I love lace on dresses, nails, and pretty much anything it can go on.

Something about lace is just so majestic and mature in my opinion. I actually have a dress that looks really similar to this. I got it a few years ago and never really wore it out. This year is different, though, and I plan to rock the lace trend more than once this year! When are you going to wear lace this year?

xo, Rachel



Hey, I'm Rachel! As a start to my new blog, I have decided to talk about myself a little bit. I am just an average teenage girl living in kentucky. I lived in California for about 6 years and then I moved to Kentucky. As a person, I would consider myself to be very nerdy. I have a passion for Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. I surrounded myself with those things because that is what I love, but some other things I like are the T.V shows Scrubs & Being Human.

I also really like the beach and travel. I have no idea why I like it so much, but I really just do. It inspires my makeup ideas sometimes. My main point of this blog is... well, I have been really into beauty for such a long time. I got into it when I first started watching Michelle Phan on youtube and I loved her work!! I love to work with cosmetics and I love to hair style too. I really want to be a big success in the beauty world. I plan to go to go to a cosmetology school when I am older. I used to want to be into the medical field, but I got over that. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will post again soon... it might be a video but I am not sure yet, stay tuned!

xo, Rachel :)